Tomb Raider Horizons Featured in TheGamer Article on ‘Tomb Raider’ and Travel

As part of its "Tomb Raider Week" celebrations last November, gaming news site TheGamer published an article about the Tomb Raider franchise and how it had inspired fans to follow in Lara's footsteps... including yours truly! Writer Stacey Henley reached out to me and several other Tomb Raider fan community members to ask us about …

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Lara Croft poses in front of the Temple of Horus at Edfu (Image credit: Lori of Survivor Reborn)

Survivor Reborn Takes Lara Croft on an Egyptian Adventure

Survivor Reborn admin Lori and her husband Jay recently spent ten incredible days in Egypt and brought along their Rock Candy Lara Croft figure, who was more than happy to pose for photos in front of some of the country's key attractions. From the pyramids at Giza to the Graeco-Roman ruins of Alexandria, from the …

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Mos Espa, Tatooine (Image credit: StarWars.Com)

‘Star Wars’ Locations That Would Be Great Settings for a ‘Tomb Raider’ Game

The Tomb Raider video game series and films have done a tremendous job of showcasing some of the world's historical sites and exotic locations, whether they're well-known attractions such as the pyramids at Giza or Angkor Wat or the less commonly known Trajan's Market and Jan Mayen island. And as one of the most successful and longest-running film …

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The Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin

Lara’s Travels: Trinity College Library, Dublin

Since this site was launched in March 2013, my Lara's Travels feature has explored some of the cities and ancient sites seen in the Tomb Raider games, such as Prague's Strahov District (Angel of Darkness), Zapadnaya Litsa in western Russia (Chronicles), and the tomb KV5 in Egypt (Last Revelation). And although the locations featured in the games and films are the ones …

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The Hashihaka kofun

A Pilgrimage to Himiko’s Tomb

It's not every day you get the chance to visit Yamatai or take a leisurely stroll around Himiko's tomb. But one hot (and thankfully not too humid) day in September, my husband and I got the chance to do just that when we took some time off from our regular sightseeing and boarded a train bound for …

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Lara’s Travels: Strahov District, Prague

One of the things I've always enjoyed about the Tomb Raider series is the inclusion of real-life artefacts and locations in the games, even if the level designers and artists employed a heavy dose of artistic license in their efforts. During a family trip to Prague this Easter, I made a point of exploring the city's Strahov …

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The hot springs on the island of Shikine-jima, one of the Izu Islands

Lara’s Travels: The Dragon’s Triangle

Fans of Tomb Raider 2013 will recall that Lara and the Endurance crew venture into the region known as the Dragon's Triangle in search of the lost kingdom of Yamatai. Throughout the course of the game, players became well-acquainted with this fictional island, its inhabitants, and the supernatural conditions that prevented people from leaving its …

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Tomb Raider 2: Golden Mask menu

Lara’s Travels: The Aleutian Islands

Over the years, Lara Croft has visited some of the coldest and most remote places on the planet and the Aleutian Islands, which feature in the mini-adventure The Golden Mask, are no exception. In Golden Mask, Lara travels to Melnikov Island in search of the legendary Golden Mask of Tornarsuk and ends up infiltrating an old Soviet base in …

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Trajan's Market, Rome

5 Bloggers Who Have Followed in Lara Croft’s Footsteps

Long-time readers of The Archaeology of Tomb Raider will probably be familiar with my series, Lara's Travels, which looks at the various real-life locations Ms Croft has visited over the years. Places which include Meteora, the Greek monastic complex that inspired Tomb Raider 1's St Francis' Folly, and Jan Mayen, the icy, volcanic island which made …

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The Cistern in Tomb Raider 1

Lara’s Travels: The Cistern

Over the years, Lara Croft has visited dozens of archaeologically fascinating places but not all of them have been particularly glamorous. One such place that instantly springs to mind is the Cistern in Tomb Raider 1. When I first started playing Tomb Raider back in 1996, I bought myself a copy of the Prima official strategy guide to …

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