Warner Bros Launches ‘Tomb Raider Tuesdays’

What better way to count down to the release of the new Tomb Raider film than with a weekly dose of brand new content?

Warner Bros teamed up with actress Alicia Vikander to announce #TombRaiderTuesdays, a weekly social media event that invites fans to join them on an epic adventure packed with film trivia, puzzles, and prizes.

Transcript: “Hi, I’m Alicia Vikander. Happy New Year. Between now and the release of Tomb Raider, join in for #TombRaiderTuesdays to get to know Lara Croft. From trivia to puzzles to fun content and prizes, be ready to join us for an epic adventure.”

You can keep up to date with all the latest news and trivia by following the film’s official social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook or following the hashtag.

Alternatively, you can scroll down for an archive of #TombRaiderTuesday trivia, clips, and other promotional content.

Tuesday 16th January 2018

The first #TombRaiderTuesday was, well, a little underwhelming, but the release of the second trailer later in the week more than made up for it. This week, fans were treated to a trivia tidbit concerning Lara’s original name and cultural background.

Transcript: “Hi, I’m Alicia Vikander. Welcome to Tomb Raider Tuesdays. Did you know that Lara Croft was originally going to be a South American woman called Laura Cruz. The designers based in England decided to drop the “u” and changed her surname to “Croft”. See Tomb Raider in cinemas this March.”


Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Another rather underwhelming #TombRaiderTuesday, to be perfectly honest. Hopefully Warner Bros will step up their efforts as we approach the film’s release date. This week, fans were reminded about Lara Croft’s induction into the Walk of Game.

Transcript:Hi, I’m Alicia Vikander. Welcome to Tomb Raider Tuesdays. Did you know that Lara Croft is the most successful video game heroine and was inducted into the Walk of Game in 2006? Tomb Raider hits cinemas this March.”

The Walk of Game is a now-defunct attraction that was once housed in San Francisco’s Metreon shopping centre and honoured the icons and pioneers of the gaming industry. Lara Croft was one of the honoured few to receive a custom steel star tile.

Tuesday 30th January 2018

The final #TombRaiderTuesday segment of January 2018 introduced fans to another new series of videos aimed at promoting the upcoming film. This new series,  titled #TombRaiderTraining, invites fans to get in shape and prepare themselves for adventure with the help of personal trainer Magnus Lygdback’s easy-to-follow fitness regime.

Transcript: “Hi, I’m Alicia Vikander. Are you ready to get fighting fit like Lara Croft? As we get ready for the release of Tomb Raider, we’ll be posting a series of videos from my trainer on the film, Magnus Lygdback, which will allow you to follow the fitness regime that I underwent to become Lara Croft. [Magnus: I think we built the perfect Lara Croft.] It’s your turn to find out if you have what it takes to become a Tomb Raider.”

Please note that all future #TombRaiderTraining videos and transcripts will be archived in a separate article.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

February kicked off with a short, but sweet, segment about the original (and iconic) Croft Manor.

Transcript: “Hi, I’m Alicia Vikander. Welcome to Tomb Raider Tuesdays. Did you know that the famous Croft Manor took just one weekend to design and create back in the mid 90s? Its original intent was a training ground for players to get used to the grid-based level design. Tomb Raider hits cinemas this March.”


Watch this space for further updates…

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Tomb Raider Tidbit: Truth Behind Myth

There have been times where I’ve come across an object in a Tomb Raider game that caught my eye but didn’t write an article about it because it didn’t quite fit the scope of my Arte-Factual series. So to remedy this, I’ve decided to launch a new series that will tackle anything that either doesn’t warrant a full in-depth feature or simply doesn’t fit neatly under any of the site’s existing series.

The subject of this very first edition of “Tomb Raider Tidbits” is Lord Richard Croft’s book, Truth Behind Myth, which makes a few brief appearances in a number of cut scenes early in the game.

Spoiler Warning: While this fictional book makes a couple of appearances in Rise of the Tomb Raider, we know practically nothing about its contents and it isn’t central to the game’s plot. This article is completely spoiler-free so feel free to keep scrolling down even if you’re still waiting to play the game for yourself.

Now, onto the book itself…

The contents of Lord Croft’s academic tome are largely unknown but a detailed reproduction of the book’s dust jacket (designed by Senior Artist Jeff Adams) can be found in Rise of the Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book.

The cover for Richard Croft's book, Truth Behind Myth, designed by Jeff Adams

The cover for Richard Croft’s book, Truth Behind Myth, designed by Jeff Adams (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

The text’s a little blurry in the photo (my apologies) so here’s the blurb and quotes in full:

Richard Croft explores myth in search of lost truths within Christianity. The word myth rests on a historical basis. By the time of Christ, the Greco-Roman world had started to use the term myth (Greek muthos) to mean “fable, fiction, lie”; as a result, the early Christian theologians used “myth” in this sense. Thus, the derogatory meaning of the word “myth” is the traditional Christian meaning, and the expression “Christian mythology”, as used in academic discourse, may offend Christians for this reason.

“A truly engaging discussion….lays the foundation for understanding human history.” – Dr. Thomas Braeder (?), Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, Cambridge University

“An ambitious, highly important book.” – Cameron P. Senwidge, British Museum Director of Natural History

However, the thing that really caught my attention was the cover photo. While it’s clearly supposed to be a photo of Lord Croft (and an unknown assistant) at Angkor Wat, it seems that it’s modelled after a real-life photo of the American explorer and academic Hiram Bingham, who is best known for “discovering” the ruins of Machu Picchu in 1911.

More specifically, on the cover of the 2003 Phoenix Press edition of Bingham’s travelogue, Lost City of the Incas.  Even the publishers’ logos look strikingly similar…

Hiram Bingham's travelogue, Lost City of the Incas

Hiram Bingham’s travelogue, Lost City of the Incas (Image credit: Phoenix Press)

This incredible attention to detail in a seemingly insignificant and rarely-seen prop clearly demonstrates the art team’s dedication to crafting a plausible, realistic in-game environment that the gamer can lose themselves in.

Sadly, the contents of Lord Croft’s book will continue to remain a mystery for now…

If you enjoyed this Tomb Raider Tidbit, you’ll definitely enjoy the many works of concept art, storyboards, and sketches that can be found in Rise of the Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book. Why not treat yourself and order a copy today via Amazon or Amazon UK?

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