A close-up of a naga lizard (Image credit: Wikiraider)

Gods & Monsters: The Naga

One of the things I’ve always found intriguing about the Tomb Raider series is how often the game writers, developers, and artists draw on real-world mythology and folklore for inspiration when they’re designing ancient environments for Lara Croft to explore and the exotic creatures that populate them. In previous instalments …

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Lara Croft wielding Mjolnir

5 Fantastic Online Resources on Norse Mythology

Valhalla, Mjölnir, Asgard, Thor, Helheim… All of these names will be familiar to those who have played Tomb Raider: Underworld or are fans of Marvel Comics’ long-running Thor comic-book series. But if you’re longing to learn more about the Norse myths and legends that helped inspire the narrative of Underworld, check out the five fantastic websites and online databases …

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