Weta Workshop's Lara Croft Mini Epics figures

Weta Workshop’s Lara Croft Mini Epics Figures

Back in July 2022, Wētā Workshop revealed two new Lara Croft Mini Epics collectible figures during their Collectibles Unleashed live stream. These quirky and highly stylised vinyl figures are now available for pre-order over on their website and have an estimated delivery of Q2 2023. Wētā Workshop’s Mini Epics range pays “homage to your favourite …

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The Toltec warrior statues in Qualopec's tomb

Arte-Factual: Toltec Warriors

Sharp-eyed gamers may have noticed that the same colossal sculptures appear repeatedly throughout the Peruvian levels of the original Tomb Raider (1996), most notably in the Tomb of Qualopec. These sculptures are actually based on the real-life Atlantes – or Atlantean pillars – found at Tula, a Postclassic archaeological site in the Mexican state of Hidalgo.** The four …

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