Tomb Raider Christmas gift guide 2018

Tomb Raider Christmas Gift Guide 2018

The holiday season is almost upon us once more and that means it’s time to raid your wallets and search for the ideal gift for the Tomb Raider fan in your life. From novels to action figures, from artbooks to cute little stocking fillers, you’ll find something here to suit any taste or budget. Here …

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The Toltec warrior statues in Qualopec's tomb

Arte-Factual: Toltec Warriors

Sharp-eyed gamers may have noticed that the same colossal sculptures appear repeatedly throughout the Peruvian levels of the original Tomb Raider (1996), most notably in the Tomb of Qualopec. These sculptures are actually based on the real-life Atlantes – or Atlantean pillars – found at Tula, a Postclassic archaeological site in the Mexican state of Hidalgo.** The four …

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