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What is ‘Tomb Raider Horizons’? 

Tomb Raider Horizons is an independent, fan-run website that shines a light on the archaeological sites, artefacts, languages, folklore, myths, and cultures featured in the Tomb Raider games, films, and spin-off media.

Its mission: To inspire Tomb Raider fans to expand their intellectual horizons and use this beloved franchise as a platform for learning more about the world around them.


What can I find here?

Good question. Here are just some of the features we publish on this site:


You say ‘we publish’. How many people run this site?

Actually, it’s just one person: me, Kelly M. I’m responsible for maintaining this site, creating most of its original content, and running its social media accounts.

If you would like to learn a little more about me and my professional background, you can find a short biography over here.


I’m an archaeologist and I’m worried that the Tomb Raider series will give people the wrong impression about what archaeology is and what archaeologists do for a living.

I’m painfully aware that Lara’s archaeological methods leave a lot to be desired and that the depiction of archaeologists in popular culture has given the general public a very misleading and inaccurate impression of the profession.

 I launched this site with a few basic aims in mind:

  • To show gamers and archaeology enthusiasts that there’s a world of difference between archaeology as an academic discipline and the treasure-hunting antics of Lara Croft;
  • To use the Tomb Raider series as a platform for further study and to inspire others to learn more about world history, archaeological sites, and ancient civilisations, and;
  • To help establish the importance of protecting cultural heritage and cultural diversity for future generations to study and appreciate.


How can I support this site? Do you have a Patreon?

I don’t have a Patreon account but you can show your support for this site in a number of other ways:

  • By donating money via Ko-fi to help me cover the costs of running this site;
  • By sharing my articles on social media;
  • By adding a link to the site or any of its articles from your own blog or website;
  • By disabling AdBlocker on this domain to help boost the site’s ad revenue; or
  • By purchasing some Tomb Raider books and other merchandise via my Amazon affiliate links, which you will find throughout the site.

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