Tomb Raider Horizons Featured in TheGamer Article on ‘Tomb Raider’ and Travel

As part of its “Tomb Raider Week” celebrations last November, gaming news site TheGamer published an article about the Tomb Raider franchise and how it had inspired fans to follow in Lara’s footsteps… including yours truly!

Writer Stacey Henley reached out to me and several other Tomb Raider fan community members to ask us about some of the places we had visited thanks to our shared interest in all things Croft. I’ve visited a number of cities and archaeological sites that have been featured in the Tomb Raider games – including one of the possible sites of Himiko’s tomb in Japan – but I chose to talk about a relatively obscure, but still fascinating site: Trajan’s Market, one of the ancient Roman sites Lara Croft visits in the 2000 game Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Trajan's Market, Rome

You can read the full article over on TheGamer and if you’d like to read more about the real-life locations that inspired some of Tomb Raider’s most memorable levels, check out my “Lara’s Travels” articles.


Has Tomb Raider inspired you to travel the world? Have you visited any of the places seen in a Tomb Raider game, film, or comic? Feel free to share your travel experiences in the comments section below!

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