Jason Chester’s ‘Tomb Raider II’ Low-Polygon Models

Earlier this year, I interviewed Tomb Raider fan and Blender model designer Jason Chester to learn more about his incredible series of low-polygon models based on the ground-breaking 1996 game. And, as promised, he went on to create a series of models based on the 1997 sequel, completing this mammoth task in late May 2020. The attention to detail is mind-blowing and keen-eyed fans will be able to spot a secret or two hidden away in some of his creations.

Some of my personal favourites have been highlighted below but you can find the entire collection of Tomb Raider II Blender models listed in this Twitter thread.

More Tomb Raider models are in the works and I, for one, can’t wait to see Jason’s recreations of Tomb Raider III’s iconic locations and scenes! If they’re anything like this latest batch of low-polygon models, we are in for a real treat.

You can find more of Jason’s low-poly Blender models over on his Twitter account, his ArtStation portfolio, and his DeviantArt site. And if you’d like to see how he created some of his earlier models, check out the time-lapse videos over on his YouTube channel.

All of the images featured in this article are property of Jason Chester. 

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