Can you believe it’s been 23 years since Lara Croft made her debut in a little game called Tomb Raider? Over two decades later, this iconic heroine shows no real signs of slowing down and continues to entertain and inspire gamers, artists, writers, and cosplayers across the world. She may only play for sport but what a legacy she is leaving behind!

Many fans have noticed that the official Tomb Raider social media accounts didn’t acknowledge the game’s anniversary this year and while this was a little disappointing, I don’t want to devote too much time or energy criticising their decision here or theorising about why this anniversary was overlooked. Fans have kept the franchise alive during its darkest times and will continue to do as long as they feel a personal connection with its heroine and her many adventures, so let’s celebrate *that* instead.

Here’s a selection of fan art, cosplay photos, birthday wishes, and other commemorative tweets that were posted on Twitter on Tomb Raider’s 23rd anniversary.


Fans weren’t the only ones celebrating this milestone. Some of the team who were responsible for creating this groundbreaking game chimed in to celebrate Lara’s ongoing success and share some details about the game’s development.

So here’s to Lara’s continued success! Long may she grace our screens and continue to inspire us in our own personal endeavours.

Note: If I have missed your tweet, please don’t take it personally; there were just too many to highlight here! Feel free get in touch with me on Twitter (@TRHorizons) and I’ll RT your tweet.

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