There’s been a lot of talk about “toxicity” in fandom in recent years. Social media and other online platforms have brought fans closer together, allowing them to share their love for Tomb Raider with other like-minded individuals across the world or chat with their favourite game developers and writers. But, now and again, things go awry.

One poorly-phrased comment from a game developer, an incendiary remark about someone’s cosplay photos, or a heated discussion about the franchise’s various eras can send fans into a spin and, before you know it, people are drawing lines in the sand and defending their turf with lion-like ferocity. This hostile atmosphere can be a little off-putting – perhaps even scary – for fandom newcomers, and even veteran members of the Tomb Raider fan community can find fan discourse a tad fatiguing as they watch round 597 of “Dual Pistols versus Bow” unfolding before their eyes.

(Image credit: Rachel, Positively Tomb Raider)

If you’d like to know how YOU can help create a more welcoming fan community and a relatively stress-free social media experience for both yourself and your fellow Raiders, be sure to check out my guest article, “10 Steps to a More Positive Tomb Raider Fandom”, over on Positively Tomb Raider!

A special thanks goes out to Rachel for publishing my article *and* creating the cute doodles that accompany the piece, such as the one shown above. Follow her on Twitter at @PositivelyTR for a regular dose of fun and inspirational tweets.

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