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‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ – Which Edition Should You Buy?

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' art by Andy Park

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' art by Andy Park

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One as from September 14 but you may be wondering, “Which edition should I buy?” and “Should I pre-order the game?”. Knowing which edition to splash your hard-earned cash on can be a challenge, especially when there are several different editions to choose from, so here’s a handy guide to help you decide.

Update #2: Square Enix has announced that Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be released in November 2019. If you have been sitting on the fence about buying the game, this latest edition may be perfect for you!

Update: The information posted below was originally posted back in April 2018 so much of it will no longer be relevant. Please note that many stores have dropped their prices since the game’s launch, so it may be worth shopping around. In some cases, it may be cheaper to buy the standard edition in one place and buy the season pass via your console or PC’s online store than purchase the Croft Edition. The author learnt this lesson the hard way. (November 2018)

Which Edition Should I Buy?

There are currently four editions available for pre-order:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider ‘Ultimate Edition’ will only be available for the PS4 and Xbox One. (Image Credit: Square Enix)

All four editions will be available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One but, sadly, there is no Ultimate Edition planned for the PC at this time.

Is The Season Pass Worth It?

It’s too early to tell if the Shadow of the Tomb Raider season pass will be worth the extra cost but the content included in the Rise of the Tomb Raider season pass was – in my humble opinion – worth every last cent.

Gamers with a season pass can expect new content every month for a period of seven months, starting from October 2018. This includes:

(Image credit: Square Enix)

If aren’t sure whether you want to fork out the extra money for the Croft/Ultimate Edition or you’d prefer to wait a while, you should be able to purchase the season pass or any of its additional content at a later date.

Should I Pre-Order the Game?

The concept of pre-ordering games has become a contentious subject in recent years but if you’re a huge fan of the reboot series, you’re probably aching to get your hands on the game. After all, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the continuation – and conclusion – of Lara Croft’s rebooted origin story and who could resist an adventure set in Central and South America?

But if you’re still sitting on the fence about placing your order before seeing any gameplay footage, here are a few reasons you should consider pre-ordering the game:

Note: Some retailers are offering other pre-order incentives, so it’s worth shopping around before you place your order. For instance, the Benelux gaming chain Game Mania has an “Artifact Edition” on offer, consisting of the base game and a 10-cm TOTAKU Lara Croft figurine, while the UK-based retailer GAME is offering a special steel-book edition as a pre-order incentive.


You can order Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Amazon or Amazon UK!

Please note that any of the details above are subject to change and that new editions may be announced in future.

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