8 Egyptology Blogs You Should Be Following

Looking for some quality blogs on Ancient Egyptian history, language, or art? Then look no further. All of the Egyptology-focused blogs listed below have been handpicked for their educational value, originality, and accessibility to the general public.

Please note that this is an updated and expanded version of the list I published back in September 2013. Blogs come and go. Some of these Egyptology blogs have vanished off the face of the Earth since the original list was published and new ones have risen up in their place.

So here are eight Egyptology blogs that get the Tomb Raider Horizons stamp of approval!

A scene from Hunefer’s Book of the Dead

1)  The Egyptiana Emporium 

This blog is run by Gemma Ellen Wood, an Egyptology graduate and part-time PhD student, whose key interests are Egyptian language and texts, Egyptian archaeology, the Achaemenid Periods, and Middle Kingdom stelae.

The main focus of the blog is Egyptian archaeology, the examination of museum pieces, and the author’s own research. Readers will particularly enjoy her Tuesday Tomb series, which explores the discovery and art of royal tombs, and Hello Mummy, a blog series that showcases some of the famous faces of Ancient Egypt.

2) Nile Scribes

Launched in 2017, Nile Scribes is a dual-language blog moderated by PhD students Thomas H. Greiner and Taylor Bryanne Woodcock and is geared towards enthusiasts and academics alike.

Among the topics covered are interviews with Egyptologists, reviews of films and other entertainment from an Egyptological point of view, and regular roundups of the latest archaeological news and discoveries. And if you’re looking for some great introductory books on Ancient Egypt, check out their article ‘Top 5 Egyptology Starter Books’.

3) Em Hotep

This long-running blog is run by Keith Payne, a writer and educator on a mission to make Egyptology accessible to “curious laypersons and budding scholars”.

Revived in 2017 after a period of inactivity, Em Hotep has a wealth of articles for you to peruse (covering the entire span of Egypt’s pharaonic past) and has a page that’s chock-full of links to other Egyptological websites, associations, and online resources.

4) Garstang Museum of Archaeology’s Blog

Run by the staff of the University of Liverpool’s Garstang Museum of Archaeology, this blog delves into Egyptian mythology, literature, and archaeology while showcasing some of the museum’s collection.

Although it isn’t updated as often as one would like, its articles are well-written, accessible to the general audience, and insightful. One great example of this is Christopher Bebbington’s Valentine’s Day article, ‘All You Need is Love: Modern Themes in Ancient Egyptian Love Poems’.

5) Egyptians

Launched in 2007, this blog is run by the art historian and restorer Timothy Reid and is the longest-running blog on this list.

Reid’s blog is largely devoted to archaeological news and the study of Egyptian art but one of the things that sets it apart from the other blogs on this list is its large selection of book reviews. Perfect for the aspiring Egyptologist.

6) Egypt at the Manchester Museum 

Run by Campbell Price, the Manchester Museum’s Curator for Egypt and the Sudan, this blog provides updates about the museum’s events and has a long-running series of object biographies, which shed light on some of the museum’s Egyptian artefacts.

Aspiring curators should check out Price’s Curator Diaries to learn more about the profession and the acquisition, preservation, and study of Ancient Egyptian artefacts in the United Kingdom and abroad. If you’re interested in Ancient Egyptian literature or are looking for some simple hieroglyphic texts to decipher, check out his series, Texts in Translation.

7) At the Mummies Ball

Although this blog was less than a year old at the time of writing, At The Mummies Ball already had a few quality articles under its belt, including this piece on the vizier Rekhmire’s favourite treat, tiger nut sweets.

The author has decided to remain anonymous but according to their About page, the blog is “meant to offer an insight into a range of topics related to ancient Egyptian culture, life, and beliefs”. It’s still early days but we’ll be following this blog with great interest.

8) Luxor News

Although not strictly an Egyptology blog, Jane Akshar’s decade-old blog curates news stories from the Luxor area (and beyond) and provides links to online lectures, research papers, and news articles that may be of interest to aspiring Egyptologists.

Honourable Mentions

The following Egyptology blogs are either no longer being updated or are in other languages but are still valuable resources for amateurs and professionals alike.


Note: All information was correct at the time of publication. If you spot any dead links above or want to draw attention to any new Egyptology blogs, feel free to leave a comment below.

Last updated on March 6, 2018.

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