What Fans Are Saying About the Latest ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer

Alicia Vikander’s debut outing as the iconic archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft will be landing in cinemas worldwide this March and is set to make a splash in the lead-up to the hectic 2018 summer blockbuster season.

Warner Bros has sent fans into a flurry of excitement by releasing a brand new trailer for the upcoming film. The first trailer may have been lacklustre but this one has done what I thought was impossible: it changed my mind about the film’s prospects and, more importantly, Alicia Vikander’s suitability for the role.

What’s more, the trailer is packed with enough action sequences, intrigue, tomb raiding, and nods to the reboot game series to satisfy the average fan. Certain scenes look like they’ve been lifted straight out of the game – especially THAT parachute scene – but it’s clear that this film will very much be its own thing and not just a mere rehash of the 2013 game. I’m still not sold on Lara’s obsession with finding her father or 2WEI’s slowed-down rendition of Destiny Child’s 2001 hit Survivor but, hey, nothing’s perfect.

The reboot game series, despite being well received by huge segments of the gaming community, has been a point of contention for the Tomb Raider fan community. Some have wholeheartedly embraced the change in direction and tone, while others still mourn the death of Classic Lara and the Core Design era.

It’s hard to predict what effect these schisms within the fan community will have on the film’s eventual box office sales – after all, the film is geared towards the wider cinema-going audience – but I remain cautiously optimistic that the film will entertain and possibly even inspire a new generation of fans.

For now, let’s see what the fan community has to say about the latest trailer!

What were your first impressions of this latest trailer? Excited, bored, intrigued, concerned? Share your thoughts below!

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2 Comments on “What Fans Are Saying About the Latest ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer”

  1. I’m so on the fence with this film…two years ago it was by far my most anticipated movie of my life, but now I’m having trouble summoning my old enthusiasm. Maybe it’s because they’re stripped so much agency from Lara compared to the game (to say nothing of the early scripts) and the movie seems to no longer fulfill Alicia’s October 2016 promise that it would ace the Bechdel Test — with only two other female characters of any significance in the movie, and with Lara’s convos with Ana revolving solely around Richard, that pledge now seems unlikely to be fulfilled. Not that I blame Alicia at all — she was likely basing her comments on an earlier script, given the several major rewrites that have taken placesince then. And she’s definitely going to be one of the movie’s saving graces. But given that everything movie!Lara does now seems to revolve around dear old Dad, my excitement is sadly tempered…