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‘Tomb Raider’ Fan Recreates Croft Manor in LEGO Worlds

Ross Kearney recreates Croft Manor in LEGO Worlds

There may not be a LEGO game set in the Tomb Raider universe (yet) but I’m sure many of us would sell our souls for a LEGO Tomb Raider game after seeing this fan-made recreation of Croft Manor.

Die-hard Tomb Raider fan and LEGO aficionado Ross Kearney created a spectacular mash-up of Croft Manor in LEGO Worlds, a feat that took him over 80 hours to complete.

From the obstacle course and garden maze first seen in Tomb Raider 2 to the treasure vault (and T-rex head) seen in Tomb Raider 3, Ross has done his utmost to recreate every little detail from the manors seen in the 90s Core Design games. You can watch Ross guide Lara through the manor’s many rooms and secret passages in the video above.

If you enjoyed the video and would like to learn more about Ross’s work, follow him on Twitter or leave your feedback over on his Youtube channel.

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