Talking Treasure Hunting & ‘Tomb Raider’ in VALUE’s ‘Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory’ Live-Stream

Mark your calendars! The Archaeology of Tomb Raider will be taking part in VALUE’s upcoming live-stream event, “Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory”, which will delve into the topics of treasure hunting and the misrepresentation of archaeology in the Tomb Raider series.

The VALUE team and I will be joined by archaeological ethics scholar Meghan Dennis (University of York) for this exciting event and we’re inviting all of you to tune into the live-stream on January 26, 2017, and join in the discussion in the Twitch chatroom!

"Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory" (Image credit: VALUE)
“Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory”. Image credit: VALUE.

Who or What is VALUE?

VALUE is a research group based at the University of Leiden that explores the intersections between archaeology and video games. Back in April 2016, they hosted the “Interactive Pasts” conference, a two-day event that brought archaeologists, heritage professionals, and game developers together to discuss “archaeogaming” and the potential for using video games as a form of public outreach.

An archive of all the talks presented at the “Interactive Pasts” conference can be found on VALUE’s YouTube channel and you can learn all about the team behind the VALUE project over on their website.

You can also find VALUE on Facebook and Twitter.

Who is Meghan Dennis?

Meghan Dennis is an avid gamer and PhD student at the University of York whose research interests include archaeological ethics and the representation of archaeology, archaeologists, and antiquities trafficking in video games.

Feel free to follow Meghan on Twitter or visit her site to learn more about her research.

Where Can I Watch the Live-Stream?

“Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory” will be live-streamed on VALUE’s Twitch channel from 19:30 CET/18:30 GMT onwards on Thursday, January 26, 2017.


Will It Be Archived?

I believe the stream will be archived on VALUE’s Twitch and YouTube channels (to be confirmed), so you’ll be able to watch it at your own convenience.

A recap of “Streaming the Past: Fortune & Glory” will be posted here later this month or in early February. Watch this space!

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    1. Ooo, I don’t know about the “expert” bit but I’m definitely looking forward to helping out with the live-stream. I’ve been wanting to work with the VALUE guys for some time and I’m honoured they asked me to take part in this. 🙂