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The Secrets of Croft Manor: ‘Blood Ties’ Easter Eggs

Tracking down Easter eggs in video games is one of the joys of gaming and the ‘Blood Ties’ DLC is rife with references and amusing nods to Lara’s past adventures, making it a real treat for long-time fans of the Tomb Raider series.

Whether it’s a familiar object or a subtle nod to Lara’s original backstory, I’ve tried to track down and list as many of the ‘Blood Ties’ Easter eggs as I could find.

Please note that this might not be a complete list – new items may be added as they’re discovered – and that this list contains spoilers for the Croft Manor DLC. So if you haven’t already played this, you may want to turn away now.

Screenshot from Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration DLC, Blood Ties

A Familiar Number

The combination code that leads to Lord Croft’s secret vault is 1-4-2, a number that should be familiar with Tomb Raider fans as this is Lara’s birthday, 14th February.

Where Have We Seen Those Relics Before?

The treasure hunters among us will probably spend a couple of hours tracking down every collectable relic and document hidden throughout the manor. And some of those relics should ring a bell with fans of the Core Design games.

A Memorable Tune

One of the most nostalgia-inducing Easter eggs in the ‘Blood Ties’ DLC can be found in the library.

If you switch on the gramophone, it will start playing a tune that Lara and long-time Tomb Raider fans will recognise: Nathan McCree’s beloved “Venice Violins” theme from Tomb Raider 2. That certainly brought back memories.

It’s a Trap!

And on the subject of nostalgia, I bet many of us locked poor Winston, Lara’s long-suffering butler, in the walk-in freezer every chance we got.

‘Blood Ties’ establishes that Winston was a central figure in Reboot Lara’s childhood and that the headstrong “Little Angel” once managed to trap him in the walk-in freezer, as he recounts in a letter to Lord Croft.

Here There Be Dinosaurs

A stuffed dinosaur toy can be found on the window seat in the library, an adorable nod to Lara’s many encounters with T-rexes and other dinosaurs in the earlier games.

Lara’s adorable dinosaur cuddly toy

Thankfully, this little fellow’s a lot less deadly than his predecessors and he doesn’t suffer a similar fate to his now extinct brethren.

A Repurposed Backstory

The 2013 reboot saw some major changes to Lara Croft’s background and origin story but elements of Classic Lara’s biography (as well as that of Amelia Croft) are touched upon in ‘Blood Ties’.

Nods to the Tomb Raider Comic Series & Films

Fans of the Dark Horse Tomb Raider comic series and the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider will be able to spot a couple of references to the comics and films hidden around the manor.

A Matter of Personal Taste

When examining an old photo of herself, Richard Croft, and Ana, Lara comments on her dislike of dresses but admits she liked the colour of the one she was wearing in the photo.

How cute does little Lara look?

It looks like she and her pre-reboot self were both very fond of turquoise/teal attire. I guess all Laras have impeccable taste in colours.

I Have Some Recollection of this Place

Not technically Easter eggs but Lara’s parents seem to have visited some of the same places Classic Lara did, including China, Tibet, and Egypt. It’s hard to tell if this was intentional or simply coincidence but I’ll say one thing: I’d love to revisit those places in a future Tomb Raider game!

Previously on Tomb Raider

If you return to Croft Manor after completing the main game, three new relics will become available for you to collect.

Roth’s dual pistols from Tomb Raider (2013)

One of these is the Atlas but the other two are a Yamatai sword and Roth’s old dual pistols, which were last seen in the 2013 reboot. I wonder if we’ll ever see Lara using dual pistols again.


A special thanks goes to Stellalune of Stella’s Tomb Raider Site and Jana (aka Tombraidergirl) of WikiRaider for helping me out with this list. I used their walkthroughs and articles to check and cross-reference some of the items listed above. All of the screenshots used here are mine.

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Last updated: November 3rd, 2016.

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