Lara Croft Fan Builds Model of ‘Tomb Raider 2013’ Mountain Shrine

Long-time visitors to this site will probably be familiar with Tomb Raider fan Jean Michel Thery’s stunning hand-made dioramas.

Over the years, he’s made models of Egyptian tombs and Mesoamerican pyramids, created an amazingly detailed diorama of an Angkorian temple similar to those seen in The Last Revelation and the first Tomb Raider film, and won an award for his replica of the “Well of Tears” challenge tomb from Tomb Raider 2013.

And now Jean Michel has been kind enough to share some photos of his latest creation with us!

His latest model is based on the numerous wooden shrines and other structures seen dotted throughout the Mountain Village hub from Tomb Raider 2013 (such as this one or the one in the bottom right of this screenshot), complete with tattered red banner, Buddha statue, and hanging bronze lanterns.

He also sent me a few photos of some of the tools and materials he used to build the model (e.g. plywood, wire, acrylic paint, pre-made plastic trees) as well as a close-up shot of the shrine’s wooden roof.

As you can see, the level of detail is simply staggering.

If you’d like to see more of his work, you can find some videos of his other creations over on his Youtube channel. And if you’d like to learn more about how he creates these models, check out his interview with Croft Collection (only available in French).

All of the photos displayed above are copyright of Jean Michel Thery and have been uploaded here with the artist’s permission.

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