Level Up Your Cosplay With ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Gear Up Guides

Back in December 2015, Crystal Dynamics launched a series of “Gear Up Guides” aimed at cosplayers, fan artists, and other creative types. The Gear Up Guides consist of several high-res shots of Lara’s outfits and gear and include notes from Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Art Director, Brenoch Adams.

For the benefit of aspiring cosplayers, I’ve added links to cosplay tutorials and videos where possible. Don’t forget that a wealth of information, reference pictures, and handy tips for crafting many of Lara’s outfits and accessories can be found over at LaraCroftCosplay.Com.

You may also want to check out Jenn Croft’s gun holster tutorial video and Sara Croft’s tactical knife and sheath tutorial over on YouTube.

Gear Up Guide #1: Expedition Outfit

The first of the Gear Up Guides focused on the red Expedition outfit seen in the game’s opening level and Siberian wilderness.

Lara Croft's red Expedition outfit
Gear Up Guide: Expedition Outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Lara prepares for her perilous journey knowing she will have to brave extreme weather situations. The water resistant, goose down, box wall construction expedition jacket provides warmth and manoeuvrability for the long road ahead, and features a black and white circular patch on the left arm. The red color provides a color contrast to an otherwise cool landscape. She completes the look with boot covers (gaiters), crampons, a climbing harness, ice screws, a climbing leash, a grey beanie, snow goggles, and her twin ice axes.”


Gear Up Guide #2: Desert Tank Top

The second guide turns the spotlight on the Desert Tank Top that Lara can be seen wearing in the Prophet’s Tomb in Syria.

Lara Croft's Desert Tank Top outfit
Gear Up Guide: Desert Tank Top (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “As a key part of her layering, Lara wears this ribbed grey tank top with built in support and slim fit to keep her agile and comfortable in warmer climates. The dark material balances well with her lighter value pants and the leather strap of her holster, a drop leg design that sits on her hips and keeps the tank comfortably in place.”


Gear Up Guide #3: Leather Jacket

The third guide looks at one of my favourite outfits from the game: the Leather Jacket seen in the London and Croft Manor cutscenes.

Lara Croft's Leather Jacket outfit
Gear Up Guide: Leather Jacket (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Lara’s leather jacket is a balance of style and warmth. The short cut and rugged leather keeps her protected from elements and acts as an outer shell with lighter layers underneath. Leather has a great material contrast to the dark denim, and the grey cotton hoodie provides a bit of anonymity when needed.”


Gear Up Guide #4: Grey Henley

The fourth of Crystal Dynamics’ Gear Up Guides showcases Lara’s Grey Henley outfit, which she wears in Siberia under various jackets and on top of the aforementioned tank top.

Lara Croft's Grey Henley outfit
Gear Up Guide: Grey Henley (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “The three-button ribbed Henley is a perfect layering option for the cold weather scenarios that Lara faces. It is light but long-sleeved for extra warmth, paired with her tan pants and leather holster worn at the hips. Her Desert Tank Top is worn underneath the Henley, and various jackets can be easily layered on top.”


Gear Up Guide #5: Huntress Outfit

The fifth guide shows off the Huntress outfit that Lara obtains after completing some optional side missions in the Geothermal Valley.

Lara Croft's Huntress outfit
Gear Up Guide: Huntress Outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Lara’s huntress outfit uses the surrounding ecosystem to protect against the cold weather, and enable her to blend into the valley forest. Layers of Red Deer hide are hand-stitched together to create a tunic that drapes into organic cuts below her holster straps. Her boots use the longer, thicker fur from the tail of the Red Deer, fashioned into moccasins for deep snow traversal. Bone toggles keep the asymmetrical tunic flap fastened, and a patterned sash provides a base for the leather belt to rest on. A dark forest green variation of her cargo pants and leather fingerless gloves polish off the outfit.”


Gear Up Guide #6: Apex Predator Outfit

Guide number six turns the spotlight on the Apex Predator outfit that was offered as bonus DLC to those who pre-ordered the game via GameStop.

Gear Up Guide: Apex Predator outfit
Gear Up Guide: Apex Predator outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “The Apex Predator outfit salvages elements from the native bears Lara encounters in the harsh Siberian landscape. Dark fur contrasts with red accents in the waist sash and leg band, reflecting the violent altercations between Lara and predatory wildlife. The claws of the bear dangle around her neck as both a sign of victory and a warning to any who oppose her. She ritualistically displays the blood of the hunt on her face to intimidate enemies. A two-buckle heeled boot is wrapped with leathers, topped with fur for extra warmth. Apex Predator represents Lara at her most savage.”


Gear Up Guide #7: Sparrowhawk Outfit

The seventh Gear Up Guide showcases Lara’s Sparrowhawk outfit, another outfit that was originally offered by some stores as a pre-order incentive but which is now available for purchase online.

Gear Up Guide: Sparrowhawk outfit
Gear Up Guide: Sparrowhawk outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Comprised of furs from animals indigenous to the Siberian wilderness, Lara’s Sparrowhawk outfit aims to blend in rather than stand out. The tunic is stitched by hand from sun-bleached red deer hide, falling in organic cuts below her holster straps. The blue accents complement the cream and brown garments, replicating the tones of a cold and forested environment. The rabbit fur hat with ear flaps provides extra insulation, layered over a scarf circling both her head and neck. A two-buckled heeled boot is wrapped with leathers and rabbit fur, worn on top of a dark brown variation of Lara’s cargo pants.”


Gear Up Guide #8: Pioneer Outfit

Gear Up Guide number eight takes a closer look at Lara’s Pioneer outfit, which  made its début in the Expedition Mode DLC in late December 2015.

Gear Up Guide: Pioneer outfit
Gear Up Guide: Pioneer outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Inspired by Sir Edmund Hilary and the men who braved the treacherous terrain to summit K2, Lara is equipped with vintage climbing gear from the golden age of mountaineering. Specially designed for Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Endurance Mode, she’s outfitted with a quilted down high-altitude jacket in yellow to contrast with bleak mountain landscapes. Wool insulated pants and cloth boot wraps conserve warmth, as do the scarf, leather climbing cap, and gloves. Vintage crampons keep Lara on her feet, and the oxygen mask, climbing goggles, shoulder harness, and mountaineering rope work in tandem to prepare her for any expedition.”


Gear Up Guide #9: Spirit Weaver Outfit

The ninth guide highlights the Spirit Weaver outfit, with its Byzantine-inspired motifs and fur-lined boots.

Gear Up Guide: Spirit Weaver outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)
Gear Up Guide: Spirit Weaver outfit (Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Brenoch Adams’ comments: “Sun-bleached deer hide is stitched together for this look, layered over the top of a deep red, long-sleeve tunic. The gold accents and intricate bracer are inspired by traditional Byzantine designs, also mirrored on the ornate trim on the hem of her shirt. Weathered leather straps circle Lara’s midsection to keep chain mail in place, and are also used to secure a simple hide holster on her hip. Leather pants and boot covers finish off the outfit, with rabbit fur accents added for extra warmth.”


New Gear Up Guides and cosplay tutorials will appear here once they’re available so feel free to bookmark this article for future reference. If you need any cosplay inspiration, check out our list of 15 Tomb Raider cosplayers you should be following on Instagram!

Last updated on 1st February 2016.

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