Square Enix Montréal surprised fans on Wednesday 25th November by announcing the release of a brand new (and free!) expansion for their popular and critically-acclaimed mobile puzzler, Lara Croft GO.

The new expansion, The Shard of Life, sees our heroine chart a path into the depths of the Cave of Fire in search of a new artefact, the titular Shard of Life, and consists of 26 new puzzles for Raider fans to solve, two new outfits to unlock, and a batch of new cursed critters that will make Lara’s new quest even more challenging than the last.

Official screenshots released by Square Enix Montréal.

As with the original game, the graphics are slick and atmospheric, even on an ageing Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and the controls are still fairly intuitive, but the first level will come as a shock to anyone who hasn’t played the game in a while. Shard of Life chucks Lara in the proverbial deep end from the get-go and its early stages can easily give Rise of the Tomb Raider’s harder puzzles a run for their money.

Fans of LC GO’s soundtrack will also be happy to hear that a new track was created for Shard and is free to download over on Soundcloud.

Screenshots made by Kelly M on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

So, if you need something to keep your brain cells busy over the holidays or during your daily commute, head over to Google Play, App Store, or Windows Marketplace to download Shard of Life today!**

** Please note that the new content is only available to those who have purchased and completed the original game.

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