Woman Vs Wild – Episode 3: Deadly Tombs – Video & Transcript

The third and last episode of Woman Vs Wild is finally out and it’s by far by favourite. While the first two episodes focused on the game’s harsh environments and Lara’s guerilla combat skills, the final episode turns the spotlight on the other stars of the series: the tombs.

Spoiler warning: Please note that the following video contains a number of visual spoilers (e.g. locations and puzzles). I’ve posted a mostly spoiler-free transcript of the voice-over narration of “Deadly Tombs” below for those who’d rather not watch the video.


By now you’re well aware of the many deadly threats facing Lara in her quest to uncover the secret of immortality and you’ve learnt about the importance of choice in combat tactics, upgrades, and skills.

In this final episode, we’ll be focusing on tombs and the advanced traversal abilities Lara uses to both explore and survive them.

This is Woman Versus Wild.

Tombs provide Lara with exciting new opportunities to explore, collect artefacts, and uncover important historic details.


Translating History – Use Language Skills to Decipher Important Clues

Utilising a new translation system, Lara can learn new languages and delve deeper into mysteries from the past.

By examining murals, ancient scrolls, and other markings in the world, Lara can improve her proficiency in three distinct languages. Once she reaches the required level, she can begin translating mysterious monoliths which reveal the locations of buried treasures and secret crypts.

Of course, accessing the important areas of each tomb won’t be easy. Puzzles often stand between Lara and her goal, with deadly traps and dangerous passageways adding to the challenge.

Environmental Puzzles – Manipulate the Elements to Reach Your Goal

Lara must always remain aware of the physical properties at play all around her. Many puzzles involve natural elements and Lara’s ability to combine and manipulate wind, water, and fire will prove critical in overcoming these obstacles.

Rise of the Tomb Raider features a number of nested puzzles which can only be solved by overcoming a series of challenges that each contribute to the solution. These puzzles span areas so large that Lara must often engage in traversal and combat in-between segments, making tombs feel massive, ancient, and deadly.


Challenge Tombs – Each Houses an Ancient Ability Waiting to be Discovered

Because optional challenge tombs appear off the critical path, they feature exotic themes, more challenging puzzles, and some breathtaking views.

When overwhelmed by these environments, Lara can use Survival Instinct to gather her bearings, identify critical elements, and better grasp the unique mechanisms housed within. These massive spaces can prove daunting but by using advanced traversal, lightning-fast reflexes, and clever thinking, Lara can uncover their most well-guarded secrets.

With great risk comes great reward and the treasure that Lara uncovers in each of these challenge tombs will unlock an ancient ability, such as firing two arrows in quick succession without needing to reach into her quiver. Once learnt, Lara can use these skills throughout her journey to become an even more capable adventurer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is filled with breathtaking main tombs, devious challenge tombs, and claustrophobic crypts, each filled with artefacts, clues, and untold secrets waiting to be discovered.

This brings us to the end of our three-part series. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Lara’s adventure in Rise of the Tomb Raider, how she must survive in harsh environments, utilise guerilla combat tactics to even the odds against Trinity, and use her skills and wits to unlock the mysteries of deadly tombs.

There is still so much more to discover in Rise of the Tomb Raider and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

Thank you for joining us on Woman Versus Wild.


{Transcript by Kelly M}

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