Woman Vs Wild – Episode 2: Guerilla Combat – Video & Transcript

In the previous episode of Woman Vs Wild, Harsh Environments, we learnt about Rise of the Tomb Raider’s massive explorable hubs and some of the enemies that lie in wait of our heroine. The second episode, Guerilla Combat, turns the spotlight on Lara’s combat skills and the various weapon and skill upgrades available to the gamer.

Spoiler warning: Please note that the following video contains a number of visual spoilers (e.g. locations and secondary characters). I’ve posted a mostly spoiler-free transcript of the voice-over narration of “Guerilla Combat” below for those who’d rather not watch the video.


Harsh environments and deadly predators aren’t the only challenges Lara will face on her journey to find the lost city of Kitezh. Trinity forces have occupied the region…

Sofia: The invaders took many of my people prisoner.

…and are both well-equipped and well-armed. Sporting high-tech weaponry, advanced armour, and a willingness to kill anyone standing between them and the secret of immortality.

Sofia: You should leave this place before it’s too late.

Welcome back to Woman versus Wild.

As Trinity’s infiltration takes root and enemy encounters become inevitable…

Trinity Soldier: Hunt her down!

…Lara must do everything in her power to bypass or eliminate this threat.

Konstantin: Get down!

Still young, Lara is by no means a trained assassin but she is more confident and experienced now.

Lara: Can’t get rid of me so easily.

Utilizing new guerilla combat tactics will help even the odds and with Trinity soldiers at every turn, Lara will have plenty of opportunities to put her new abilities to the test.

Choice in Combat – Pick the Play Style that Suits You Best

Quiet and agile, Lara is more than capable of sticking to the shadows and taking a non-lethal approach. Creating distractions with arrows or bottles can disrupt enemy patrols…

Trinity soldier: Did you hear that?

..allowing Lara the opportunity to sneak by undetected.

Trinity soldier: Where did this come from?

But sometimes combat is unavoidable, with deadly force required.

Flamethrower Guy: Just you and me!

While going in guns blazing is always an option, this quickly consumes ammunition and in a world where resources are often scarce, it pays to assess the situation in advance to determine the best strategy.

Lara can use the environment to her advantage and execute a host of deadly take-downs, whether from above, behind, or below. Smart use of the environment can yield explosive results and vantage points can become critical when infiltrating enemy camps.

Advanced tactics can be mixed and matched on the fly, leaving it up to you to decide your own approach.


Weapon Upgrades & Skills – Even the Odds with Increased Firepower

Combining upgraded weapons with advanced skills puts a deep and varied arsenal in Lara’s capable hands.

Trinity Soldier: We’re under attack!

Each weapon features unique modifications.

Consider your own personal play style and choose your upgrades wisely. Enjoy heavy-handed combat? Explore the Brawler skill upgrades. Appreciate the long-range kill? The Hunter offerings may be right for you.

Lara can also unlock a wide range of combat abilities, such as a double head-shot or the ability to booby-trap a body. These skills provide her with multiple ways to thin the herd before engaging in major conflicts.

Crafting System – Create Makeshift Weapons During Combat

Lara can salvage and gather materials in the environment that allow her to craft a wide variety of ammo, including poison, fire, and explosive arrows.

She can also use objects in the field to create makeshift explosives, such as Molotov cocktails, radio bombs, and a variety of grenade types. The ability to craft explosives while on the move can give Lara the edge in combat and help turn the tables when situations get out of hand.

Trinity Soldier: Whose radio is that?

On the Next Woman Vs. Wild – Deadly Tombs

In the final episode, we’ll explore the incredible collection of awe-inspiring, yet deadly, tombs awaiting Lara, including main tombs, challenge tombs, and crypts.

We’ll also details some of the all-new abilities she’ll need to use in order to uncover their many secrets.

All this and more on the final episode of Woman Versus Wild!


{Transcript by Kelly M}

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