Prima Games to Publish Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Strategy Guide

Rise of the Tomb Raider Standard Edition strategy guide
Rise of the Tomb Raider Standard Edition strategy guide (Image credit: Prima Games)

If you’re the type of gamer who needs a good strategy guide to help you track down every last collectable item in a game or solve some of the game’s trickier puzzles, Prima Games has got you covered.

Earlier this week, Prima Games announced that it will be publishing the official Rise of the Tomb Raider strategy guide, which will be available in stores as from November 10th and guarantees 100% game completion.

The guide will be available in 3 formats: an eGuide, a Standard Edition, and a special hardback Collector’s Edition.

The eGuide edition will offer all the content available in the printed strategy guide in a searchable, easy to browse mobile-friendly format that has been optimised for a “second-screen” experience. It will also allow access to an interactive world map that will pinpoint the location of every major tomb and collectable.

The Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition both offer comprehensive walkthroughs, detailed maps, and tips on how to upgrade Lara’s abilities and skills to suit your play style. Those who purchase print copies of the guide will also be able to unlock the aforementioned eGuide.

The Collector’s Edition will also offer exclusive bonus content and come packaged in a beautifully-printed premium hardcover, making it a perfect addition to any Tomb Raider fan’s collection.

At the time of writing, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the guide will only be published in English and will be on sale throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, though fans in other countries should be able to order copies via the Prima Games website or Amazon.

** Head on over to Amazon or Amazon UK to pre-order your copy of the Collectors Edition today! **

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