Rise of the Tomb Raider Concept Art – July 2015

Over the past couple of weeks, Tomb Raider fans have been treated to a slew of new Rise of the Tomb Raider footage and concept art as part of Crystal Dynamics’ and Xbox’s promotional activities at E3 2015 and the San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s a collection of concept art that was released in July 2015.

Crystal Dynamics/Xbox – E3 2015:

The following concept art is property of Crystal Dynamics and was released during E3 2015.

Entertainment Weekly:

The following pieces of concept art were originally published as part of Entertainment Weekly’s special feature on Rise of the Tomb Raider and all showcase some of the locations Lara will visit in the game’s Siberian sections.

For more Rise of the Tomb Raider concept art, click here. If you’re looking for screenshots of the Siberia demo shown at E3, click here.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be out for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 10th, 2015 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Don’t forget you can also pre-order the official Rise of the Tomb Raider art book over at Amazon and Amazon UK. The book will feature exclusive concept art, character models, and 3D renders as well as commentary from the game’s development team.

Last updated: 20th July 2015.

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