Game Informer: Five Ways Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Improving Upon The Reboot (Plus Screenshots)

As part of their month-long online coverage of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Game Informer have published a video in which Creative Director Noah Hughes talks about some of the game’s new gameplay and combat features. Click on the image below to watch this exclusive video interview!

Click the image to watch this exclusive video interview!
Click the image to watch this exclusive video interview!

Short on time? Here’s a summary of some of the new gameplay features we can expect to see in Rise of the Tomb Raider:

  • Lara will once again be able to swim underwater (hooray!) as well as climb trees or hide in bushes in order to evade her enemies.
  • Players will be rewarded for exploring the game’s hubs and rewards will be in the form of secret tombs, animal dens, and special gear.
  • Lara will be able to upgrade her weapons and toolkit by hunting animals and crafting tools and ammo (similar to the crafting features employed in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag).
  • The time of day and weather conditions will have an impact on the gameplay and on enemies’ behaviour and presence in any given area.

The crafting feature certainly sounds promising and, as someone who found the reboot’s frequent combat sequences more than a little exhausting, I welcome the chance to have the option to evade enemies completely rather than be forced to engage them. It seemed like killing was the only option to get past most (if not all) enemies so I look forward to seeing Lara use her cunning and skill to outsmart her enemies. It’s time to see what this wily young adventuress has up her sleeves…


Concept Art:

All of the above concept art was originally published on Game Informer. Click here for the original article.

An archive of Game Informer’s exclusive online coverage can be found over at their dedicated Rise of the Tomb Raider hub. Be sure to check it regularly for more news, exclusive features, and video interviews!

Click to visit Game Informer's Rise of the Tomb Raider hub!
Click to visit Game Informer’s Rise of the Tomb Raider hub! (Image credit: Game Informer)

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6 Comments on “Game Informer: Five Ways Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Improving Upon The Reboot (Plus Screenshots)”

    1. I’m not only interested in knowing how many we’ll be getting…but also how they’ll be integrated into the game. Will they just be optional puzzle tombs or will they be actually relevant to the game’s plot?

      1. Optional, completely optional. Maybe ONE tied to the plot, same as its predecessor. They already said it’s a bonus for exploration, so it’s “if you’re into that sort of thing!” 😛

  1. “rewards will be in the form of secret tombs”

    Nnnnnnnooooooooooo!!! Well, at least I hope the game itself is just filled with tombs and chambers everywhere, instead of them being unlockable.

    I really like the idea of crafting gear, envinormental influence and stealthy approaches. I don’t think they’ll just “take away” all the combat, but it will definitely make everything far more challenging.

    Rise looks so promising, I have high hopes in this game.

    1. I wonder if the crafting and other new gameplay features will allow gamers to create their own personal gaming experience. For example, those who prefer stealth and evasion could play the game a certain way while others can charge in guns a-blazing. The reboot had this to some extent, where players could decide which skills and abilities they wanted to develop first (I tended to go for the exploration skills first, then the combat ones).

      1. I’d like it if there were challenges (and rewards for completing them), like remaining undetected in large areas for a long time, or killing enemies in a specific way. I like being a bit pushed while playing!

        I’m a lot into stealth games, so hiding in bushes and trees will make Rise awesome for me =D