What We Know About the Rise of the Tomb Raider So Far…

UPDATE: Stop the presses! This is all about to change now that Game Informer have announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be their cover story for March 2015! Click here for all the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider developments!

Despite being one of the key announcements at last year’s E3, there has been precious little news about Rise of the Tomb Raider, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot. Seven months have past since the announcement trailer was released and even though the game is slated for a “Holiday 2015” release, Crystal Dynamics have remained strangely silent about Lara’s next adventure.

Granted, this may be due to the fact that they’ve had to invest their time and energy in promoting Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris (the game came out in early December 2014) but Tomb Raider fans are beginning to get jittery about the lack of any real information on Rise and some have even taken to passing off fan art as “exclusive artwork”. The rumour mills are at work…

Concept art from The Rise of the Tomb Raider
Official concept art from The Rise of the Tomb Raider (Image credit: Square Enix Ltd)

So what *do* we know about The Rise of the Tomb Raider so far?:

  • We know that Trinity will likely play a major role in Rise but we don’t really know what its objectives are or why they’re so interested in Lara. The secret GPS documents found in Tomb Raider 2013 suggest that they’re searching for the “Star Phenomenon” but it’s unclear at this stage what this may be or whether it will form part of Rise’s storyline.
  • We know that mova fluorescent paint is being used in the motion capture for Rise, which will allow for a much more detailed and realistic motion capture of Camilla Luddington’s facial features. It’s thought that the paint will give the developers some 7,000 points of reference to work from as opposed to the previous game’s mere 90.
  • We know from the announcement trailer and concept art that Lara will be armed with a variety of weapons and tools, including her climbing axe, arrows and at least one type of bow, and that she will face both human enemies and animals (e.g. bears).
  • We also know that she must “learn to trust new friends” (oh dear) but we don’t know if these will be brand-new characters created specially for the game or whether some of these new friends have been already introduced to us in the comics. Perhaps Alex’s sister Kaz will be added to the game’s supporting cast.
  • We know that it’s high time we got some new information about the game. Or a gameplay demo. Or even just a screenshot or two? Come on, Crystal Dynamics. Please?

All the information listed above was correct at the time of writing (23rd January 2015) and is subject to change as more information about the game is released in the coming months.

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9 Comments on “What We Know About the Rise of the Tomb Raider So Far…”

    1. Thanks Alex. Since there seems to be so little news about the game, I think a list like this would be useful. 🙂

      Hopefully we will get some new information about the game soon….before people lose interest.

  1. Things I hope for Rise:
    – No rescuing these supporting characters, we already had ONE whole game and a few comics about this.
    – More adventuring, less Rambo-ing.
    – Fewer “let’s beat the hell out of Lara” cinematics
    – Follow up, Fewer QTE sequences.
    – Snarky Lara humour
    – Give Lara her iconic 2 guns, even if just for 10 minutes.
    – Trinity will make sense for once.
    – A bit more focus on the mystical side of things, from a dangerous artefact to a big bad ruin.

    It’s not much to ask hahahaha

      1. And hopefully those Tombs will be large and puzzle-filled, instead of the tiny one-puzzle rooms we got in the 2013 title (they were fun, but seemed more like an afterthought).

        1. I hope so. The tombs in 2013 really felt like optional extras. In the older games, if you couldn’t solve the puzzle (and refused to check a strategy guide or walkthrough), you were basically stuck there and couldn’t move on to the rest of the game. I think you can get through most, if not all, of 2013 without visiting any of those puzzle tombs. So that’s definitely something I hope they change in any future TR games. Incorporate the puzzles back into the actual gameplay.

          1. 2013 TR was more an action game than an adventure one. All gritty and dark and bloody. It was all about fighting and killing your way, so the exploration and puzzle part of it were left aside almost completely. From what they’ve shown/hinted at and considering the comic book stories, I think that’ll be the case going forwards.

            I hope they add more adventuring and that I’m dead wrong about this, but I suspect it’ll continue to be secondary at best

    1. I might consider getting an Xbox One just for this game but I’ll wait till the reviews are out. I recently bought a PS4 so I’d need to save up for another console and, to be honest, buying a console just for one game isn’t a major priority at the moment. At the moment, I’d just be happy to have a bit more information about the game, some plot details…even just a few screenshots. 🙂