Meet the Main Characters of Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris!

As the release date of the much-anticipated Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris edges ever closer, Crystal Dynamics have finally released some more background information on the game’s main characters. While we’re all very familiar with Ms Croft, who seems to be in her early 30s in this incarnation, the game’s other three main characters have been a bit of a mystery thus far.

So here’s an introduction to the Temple of Osiris’ four playable characters!

The four playable characters of Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris
The four playable characters of Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris. Image credit: Kelly M.


Age: Early 30’s

Nationality/Ethnicity: British

Occupation: Archaeologist, Acquirer of Rare Antiquities

Overview: Lara Croft is the world’s most renowned archaeologist and adventurer. Driven by the thrill of finding the hidden truths of the world, she has come to Egypt in order to be the first to explore the newly unearthed Temple of Osiris. When both she and her would-be treasure seeking rival, Carter, are caught in an ancient Egyptian trap, they find themselves marked for death and destined for Duat, the Egyptian underworld. Never one to give up, Lara resolves to find a way to wipe clean her mark with the aid of two exiled gods who’ve been imprisoned in this Temple for centuries. Together, by reconstructing the body of Osiris and using the power of his Staff, Lara can save herself, Carter, and the world from the sinister underworld god Set.


Age: Late 20’s

Nationality/Ethnicity: American

Occupation: Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Treasure Hunter

Overview: Carter Bell is up and coming in the world of archaeology. Charming and charismatic, he seems born for the limelight. Educated across the world by working with his archaeologist father, Carter approaches the study of history from a very different viewpoint than Lara. While he never admits it, he’s a great admirer and fan of Lara Croft. While Lara might never admit it, she’s impressed by his recent rise to fame and obvious talents. Carter is the only other person savvy enough to arrive at the Temple of Osiris when it first emerges, following close at Lara’s heels. When Set’s trap catches them both unaware, Carter finds himself in a world he’d only previously thought of as fantasy and myth. Unlike Lara who will seek the truth at all costs, Carter is a sceptic, yet he finds himself on shaky footing when facing down these gods and magic. This is a chance for him to both compete with and learn directly from Lara.


Age: Visibly early 30’s, but actually many thousands of years

Nationality/Ethnicity: Egyptian

Occupation: God-Queen, wife of Osiris, now in Exile

Overview: Isis is the wife of Osiris, and the mother of Horus. Isis and Horus are prisoners of Set’s; held in place by the bait, the Staff of Osiris. They are freed by Lara and Carter when Carter greedily grabs the Staff from its resting place. Now that Carter and Lara are marked for death, they realise that their fates are intertwined with these exiled gods. Isis is regal, noble, and capable, but used to having things done her way. Together with Horus, Isis was one of the few gods with the will to stand against Set’s corruption. Her life-long quest is to recover the pieces of her beloved Osiris, and to use his power to restore the rightful ruler while punishing Set for his blasphemous transgressions. With Lara’s arrival and the discovery of the Staff of Osiris, Isis sees a mere mortal who has the potential to help her restore the body of Osiris, and seal Set in Duat forever. However, she will use her godly powers to both guide and to keep close watch on these mortals, and on her kingdom’s treasures.


Age: Visibly mid-20’s, but actually many thousands of years

Nationality/Ethnicity: Egyptian

Occupation: God-Prince, son of Isis and Osiris, now in Exile

Overview: Horus was born from the union of Isis and Osiris. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Osiris, and sees Set as the face of all evil. Horus is quick to anger and seething with rage over Set’s betrayal of his father, Osiris. He’s been imprisoned with Isis for centuries, and this has sharpened his brooding desire for revenge upon Set. He’s quick, capable, and obeys Isis in all things; she can temper his rage and keep him focused. Despite his age, he’s been imprisoned and in the company of Isis for so long that he’s still naïve in many ways, and is particularly interested and confused by the ways of modern mortals.

Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris Gold EditionIf, like me, you’re longing to get your hands on a copy of the game, you can pre-order Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris via AmazonGAME, or Steam.

Those who opt for the “Gold Edition” will receive a copy of the game with a season pass (which offers 6 extra costumes and additional tombs to explore), an exclusive 3″ Lara Croft figurine, a map of the Overworld, and an art book packed with Temple of Osiris concept art. Full details of the the “Gold Edition” and other pre-order incentives can be found on the Tomb Raider Tumblr blog!

Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris will be released on 9th December 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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