5 Bloggers Who Have Followed in Lara Croft’s Footsteps

Long-time visitors to this site will probably be familiar with my Lara’s Travels series, which examines the various real-life locations Ms Croft has visited over the years. Places which include Meteora, the Greek monastic complex that inspired St Francis’ Folly, and Jan Mayen, the icy, volcanic island which made an appearance in Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Lara’s globetrotting adventures have inspired many to follow in her footsteps and see these famous landmarks for themselves. And here are 5 fans who have done just that!

1) Mary Goodden – Well-Rendered

Mary, author of one of my favourite gaming blogs, Well-Rendered, spent 3 weeks in Egypt back in 2010 and wrote this account of her travels for Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog. During her time in Egypt, she visited some of the locations featured in The Last Revelation, including the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, the old Islamic quarter of Cairo and, of course, the pyramids at Giza.

A riveting read that draws comparisons between the real-life locations and their in-game counterparts and showcases some of Mary’s beautiful photos.

2) Anya Martin (Guest Blogger) – The Archaeology of Tomb Raider)

Anya is one of our guest bloggers and last summer, she visited Angkor, the former capital of the Khmer Empire and home to the now-famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

In her guest blog, Tomb Raider and the Temples of Angkor, Anya wrote about the site’s history, Cambodia’s troubled past, and the effect that the 2001 film has had on Cambodia’s tourism industry and Siem Reap’s local economy. Insightful and informative.

3) Jaden Morretti  – Guns & Grapple

Jaden, who runs the fansite Guns & Grapple, had the rare opportunity of visiting Aldwych Station as part of a tour group back in 2010. The station, which made an appearance in Tomb Raider 3, closed its doors in September 1994 and can now only be visited as part of a guided tour. The station has also been used as a film set in recent years; it can be seen in Skyfall, V for Vendetta, and BBC’s Sherlocka.

Photos of Jaden’s visit to Aldwych Station can be found here.

4) Sim Comfort (Guest Blogger) – Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog

Though not technically featured in the Tomb Raider game series, Sim Comfort wrote a piece about Wimbledon, London, the birthplace and childhood home of a certain Ms Croft. A Wimbledon resident himself, Sim is well-acquainted with the area and the places Lara would have visited if she were, indeed, real.

Photos of this affluent London district and the school Classic Lara attended can be found over here.

5) Kelly M – Tomb Raider Horizons

Last but not least, there’s me. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that Tomb Raider inspired me to travel, it certainly gave me a few more places to add to my travel wish list.

There is one place, however, that I have visited specifically because it appeared in a Tomb Raider game: Trajan’s Market in Rome. It’s a site often overlooked by tourists but worth a visit if you’re in the area. The upper levels offer fantastic views of Il Vittoriano and the ruins of Trajan’s Forum and there’s even a few friendly cats who patrol the site.

And there’s my more recent visit to the site generally thought to be the tomb of Queen Himiko in Sakurai, Japan. A little off the beaten path, perhaps, but well worth the visit if you get the chance.

Now, I wonder which Tomb Raider location I should visit next…

Trajan's Market, Rome
Trajan’s Market, Rome. Image credit: Kelly M.

Have you visited any of the places that appear in a Tomb Raider game? And have you written about your travels or uploaded any of your photos? Feel free to leave a link to your blog post(s) in the comments section below!

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