Jean Michel Thery’s “Well of Tears” Model

Regular visitors to this blog will probably be familiar with Jean Michel Thery’s stunning Tomb Raider models, such as this Egyptian tomb model inspired by Last Revelation or this model of an Angkorian temple.

For this beautiful work of art, Jean Michel drew inspiration from Tomb Raider 2013 and created a model based on the “Well of Tears”, one of the tombs hidden away in the island’s shantytown.

If you look at the fine attention to detail on each of the relics in the tomb, you can only imagine how much time and painstaking effort went into this prize-winning model, which he originally created for Croft Collection’s 2013 photo competition. It’s thought he spent some 200 hours working on it, sculpting, painting and embellishing the statues and other artefacts within the tomb.

You can find more photos of the model, both completed and as a work in progress, over on the Croft Collection blog. And if you’d like to see video close-ups of his other Tomb Raider models, check out Jean Michel’s YouTube channel.

All of the photos displayed above are copyright of Jean Michel Thery and have been uploaded here with the artist’s permission.

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7 Comments on “Jean Michel Thery’s “Well of Tears” Model”

  1. Yes! It’s absolutely one of the best things about the rebooted TombRaider, there’s so much more attention to detail. I’m not a graphic whore or anything, but I have to say that an attention to detail is essential to building a title based of heavy archaeological background.

    It’s easy to see there’s a lot of love put into the game.

    1. I tried to get Crystal Dynamics to tell me how they researched the art and artefacts in TR 2013 but they were quite evasive. Part of me wishes there was an archaeology graduate on their development team but they probably just rely on the internet and museum websites (just like I do). 😉

      Can’t wait to see what they have planned for Rise of TR. One thing I really liked about the reboot was the fact that they incorporated real-life history into the plot. I’d actually read about Himiko and Yamatai at university (I did an elective course on Japanese history for my Chinese Studies degree) so I had a very rough idea of the history behind the search for Himiko and the fact that it’s still a very contested topic among Japanese archaeologists. This is what I’d like to see in future TR games. A nice blend of fact and fiction.

    1. I would love the Egyptian model or that Well of Tears one for myself. Shame he isn’t selling them…though if I spent so many hours creating something like that, I wouldn’t want to part with it either. 🙂