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Guest Blog: The League of Extraordinary Treasure Hunters

Guest Blogger: Ross Wittenham.

How awesome would it be if Lara Croft found herself in an adventure with The Da Vinci Code’s Robert Langdon and National Treasure’s Ben Gates? It’d be like the Avengers of the treasure-hunting scene. Think about it; they have complimentary skill sets. Robert Langdon is all over the symbology business, while Gates is good at bluffing his way into top security events. Lara, of course, has all the cross-country and combat experience.

The League of Extraordinary Treasure Hunters as envisioned by Ross Wittenham

Don’t forget their supporting characters either! There are two pet geeks in National Treasure’s Riley Poole and Tomb Raider’s Bryce. Imagine the bromance we could brew up there! Then you’ve got Lara’s butler Hillary and Gates’ wife Abigail, who both rock as disapproving third parties. Langdon doesn’t really have any long-term companions, but he seems to pick up English-speaking buddies in major institutions wherever he travels, so maybe that could be an asset.

The Mummy’s O’Connell family and Indiana Jones are not exactly contemporaries of Gates, Langdon and Croft, but we could throw them in there too, maybe as the people who laid the trail in the first place (because there has to be a trail). There could be flashbacks, and stuff. It would be amazing.

Which League would be complete without some geeky sidekicks…?

Now, onto the important question: how much magic should there be? The Dan Brown novels are based on real facts, National Treasure is plausible fantasy and Tomb Raider regularly fights mythical beasties. Indiana Jones and the O’Connells are definitely on the weird end of this scale. It’s got to be a magical universe if you can ride out a nuclear explosion in a fridge. That said, I think a happy medium could be stuck here. Many of Lara’s biggest enemies recently have been human, rather than paranormal, so maybe our bad guys should be just that. Hell, maybe we could even pull a Scooby Doo and have villains masquerading as monsters. Decisions, decisions…

What about setting? Given the characters, there’s a fair chance that this thing will go transatlantic. Gates is really only at his best if the riddle involves American history in some way or other. Lara might be OK trekking through jungle, but she might struggle to drag along two middle-aged dudes whose adventures normally take place a few paces away from paved roads. So let’s say Europe, North America, and one other exotic location. Maybe Liberia or somewhere like that.

…Or people to doubt their sanity?

I’m aware of how unlikely it is that a film like this will ever get made. In Hollywood terms, this is like Alien Vs Predator, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen all rolled into one, with the complexities of each multiplied. All the same, I really think it could be a wonderful thing. Hands up who agrees?

If you do go away and make fan art, videos or whatever, please put a link in the comments below!


About the author: Ross Wittenham is a website editor who blogs about history in popular culture over at his blog, History Mine. He has also written guest articles for Historical Honey and can be found on Twitter (@rosswittenham).

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