In the Spotlight: Claudio Gómez

Since our fan interview series was launched earlier this year, we’ve met dozens of Tomb Raider fans from different parts of the world.

This week’s interviewee hails from Argentina. Meet Claudio Gómez!

ClaudioSo, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Claudio Gómez (also known as @AnImaginaryBoy), I’m from Argentina and I work as an English teacher.

I’ve been a fan of Tomb Raider since I was seven, when my parents bought me Tomb Raider 3, and I would say that Lara is responsible for getting me into the universe of video games.

When and how did you learn about the Tomb Raider series?

As I said before, I was seven when I started playing Tomb Raider. I saw Lara Croft in a magazine and I asked my parents to buy me that video game. I received it on my birthday and that’s the beginning of my love of the TR series.

Do you run a Tomb Raider fansite or blog? If so, what would you say was your biggest achievement to date?

I don’t run a fansite or blog but I upload Tomb Raider images and videos to my Tumblr blog, A Strange Day. I follow many sites like this one and Stella’s, which I find really interesting.

How has Tomb Raider changed your life?

Lara brought me into the video games world. That’s what I call a memorable change. Before TR, I had played family games (back in the 8-bit era) but when I came across Tomb Raider 3, I became hypnotised by the game’s textures, graphics and movements that other games didn’t have. Plus, she’s an icon for a generation like mine born in the 90s.

Were you interested in archaeology before discovering Tomb Raider? Have the Tomb Raider games and films inspired you to learn more about ancient history?

I’ve been always interested in history and geography (with a great influence from my mum who is a history teacher) and it was really amazing to see how much TR incorporates those subjects. For instance, I enjoyed TR IV very much because it is set in Egypt, one of my favourite historical places.

As for archaeology, after ‘discovering’ this blog, I became more attracted to it since many relics seen in the games are real artefacts. As regards to ”future inspirations”, I’d like to include some of Lara’s experiences in my own trips, e.g. climbing, visiting old ruins, etc.

What are your thoughts on Lara’s image? Is she simply the product of a sexist gaming industry or can she be seen as a positive role model?

Her sense of humour and personality make us forget about whether she is a product of a sexist industry or not. It could be said she was designed to attract male gamers but she also has “content” (e.g. she’s independent, athletic, sarcastic, clever, talented, confident, fearless), which refutes this theory. She’s always been a positive role-model, no doubt about it.

What’s your favourite Tomb Raider game?

My favourite one is TR1 because it was the first game I fully passed. I enjoyed it very much because I had an old computer so this was the only game it could run. There were no YouTube videos, no cheats and no save games so I passed it using my brain, hehe.

And your least favourite game?

I think Angel of Darkness is my least favourite one. It’s hard for me to say this but the truth is that this is not a game I’d play again.

Classic, Legend-Anniversary-Underworld or Reboot Lara?

Classic. She’s the one who got me into video games.

Do you have any favourite Tomb Raider moments or quotes?

As regards favourite moments, I think locking Winston in the freezer is epic but I also love the Lost Valley level in TR1 when I had to shoot the T-Rex. How Lara changes her behaviour during her expedition in TR2013 is also likeable.

As for quotes, since I am not a native English speaker and started playing TR when I was a kid (and had no idea about English), I remember just one from back then: “Happy retirement” (Lara in TR3). The ones I remember more clearly from recent games: “So that’s where you hid it! You sly old fox” (Underworld), “I hate tombs” (TR2013) and “ Sacrifice is a choice you make. Loss is a choice made for you” (Roth in TR2013). Those are the ones I remember most because I played both Underworld and 2013 after I learnt English.

What about least favourite moments? Is there anything you dislike about the games/films/comics?

What I don’t like very much in the reboot TR is that action seems to be much more important than thinkingPuzzles have always been the main characteristic of TR! But I’m concerned that there’s a new gamer generation that needs more action, graphics and innovation. That’s why, in a way, Lara needed a reboot.

If you could change one thing about the Tomb Raider franchise, what would you change?

Nothing. I’d just add more tombs and puzzles in the next game. And take out the Survival Instinct, though this is not important because it’s an optional feature.

Which places would you like to see Lara explore in future games?

It would be great to see her in some places in South America (why not Argentina?) or Egypt and Greece again. For sure I want to see Lara visiting many places like in the old TR series. I didn’t like that TR 2013 was set in one country.

Finally, if you could join Lara on one of her adventures, where would you go?

Egypt! I’ve been in love with that country since I was a kid. It would be great to visit the tombs and pyramids. I wouldn’t be scared of deathly traps and scorpions with Lara nearby, hehe.


 A huge thanks to Claudio for taking part in our series of fan interviews. You can follow him on Twitter under the username @AnImaginaryBoy or visit his blog, A Strange Day.

You can find an archive of all our fan interviews over here.

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