Photo Gallery: Jean Michel Thery’s Tomb Raider Models

If you’ve been visiting our Facebook page recently, you may have seen some photos of an Ancient Egyptian-themed Tomb Raider model. This beautiful work of art was created by Jean Michel Thery and since he doesn’t have his own blog or website, I offered to share his photos on this blog.

Jean Michel was born and raised in Lille, France, and now lives in Belgium. He retired a few years ago and devotes most of his free time to DIY, archery, playing video games, and learning about ancient civilisations. Jean Michel was the winner of Croft Collection’s 2013 photo competition and has created several Tomb Raider-themed models over the years. To learn more about his work and find out how he created the model that won Croft Collection’s recent competition, check out Croft Collection’s interview with Jean Michel Thery.

All of the photos displayed above are copyright of Jean Michel Thery and have been uploaded here with the artist’s permission.

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