The First Lady of Chinese Archaeology

Trowelblazers recently published an article I wrote for them on the career of the Chinese archaeologist Zheng Zhenxiang and her discovery of the tomb of the Shang Dynasty female general and priestess Lady Fu Hao.

Although this isn’t strictly Tomb Raider-related, I know that a lot of you are interested in archaeology and female archaeologists so here’s a short excerpt of my article for you to enjoy:

Zheng Zhenxiang (born in 1929) was not only the first female archaeologist of New China, but also the person who proved the historicity of Lady Fu Hao, a Bronze Age female general and priestess who led thousands of troops in military campaigns against the Shang Dynasty’s enemies, performed sacrificial rituals that were normally reserved for the Shang kings, and whose name appears on numerous oracle bones.

Chinese archaeology was still in its infancy when Zheng completed her graduate studies at Peking University in 1959. Although the turmoil of the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution threatened to end her promising career in archaeology before it began, Zheng went on to become one of the leading experts on Shang Dynasty archaeology and make one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in China’s history….

You can read the full article, “Zheng Zhenxiang: The First Lady of Chinese Archaeology”, over on the Trowelblazers site.

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Trowelblazers, a blog that celebrates the lives and careers of female archaeologists, palaeontologists and geologists. (Image credit: Trowelblazers)

If you’re interested in learning more about female archaeologists and their efforts to make names for themselves in a previously male-dominated field, feel free to check out my review of Amanda Adams’ book “Ladies of the Field: Early Women Archaeologists and Their Search for Adventure” or any of these 10 biographies of female archaeologists and explorers.

You can also learn more about Trowelblazers and their mission by reading their article, “Trowelblazers: In Search of the Female Indiana Jones”.

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