The 10 Scariest Tomb Raider Enemies: The Core Design Years

Halloween will soon be upon us so I thought we’d start getting in the spirit of things and take a look at ten of the scariest enemies Lara has come across in the Core Design games. That is, from the very first Tomb Raider (1996) all the way through to (and including) the 2003 game Angel of Darkness.

The low-tech graphics of the 1990s and early 2000s only adds to their fear factor, in my personal opinion.

So, here are the 10 scariest Tomb Raider enemies from the Core Design games in no particular order!

I hope the sight of these critters won’t give you too many nightmares. 😉

If you’re a sucker for punishment, you’ll be glad to know that I have also put together a list of enemies from the Crystal Dynamics games as well as a list of all the other enemies that people felt deserved a mention.

Do you agree with the ten Core Design enemies I’ve chosen? Are there any enemies that should have been on this list instead? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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18 Comments on “The 10 Scariest Tomb Raider Enemies: The Core Design Years”

  1. By the way, I’d also like to give an honourable mention to pretty much any animal Lara comes across in the games. One of my biggest frights and “fails” came at the hands (or should that be paws?) of that bear that comes charging out of the hut in Vilcabamba. It was the first time I’d played the game and in my panic, I ended up falling into the pool and drowning because I hadn’t figured out how to make Lara swim. :-p

    1. I can so relate to this. Also the bear in the pit in the caves. Once you know it’s there, it’s easy enough to stand on the rim and shoot the bear from above, but when I was first learning to control Lara and hadn’t quite mastered the set-up for a running jump, I missed that one on the first try and fell into the pit. Terrifying!

    1. I don’t really remember the enemies of Last Revelation that well…but I couldn’t really think of any particularly scary ones. I found the scarabs a bit scary but that’s about it. 🙂

    1. And the worst bit is that it’s so easy to fall off the edge….and it was a heck of a long way down. Long enough for Lara to scream at least twice as she plummeted to her death. :-/

  2. I remember my first fight against the T.rex. I had dreams about fighting off a T.rex with a pair of pistols for a while afterwards. Unlike Lara, I never won those fights.

  3. To me the most terrifying of all the enemies in the series is the wolves from TR1, I was three years old when my sister starting teaching me to play that game, and I used to really enjoy it until the wolves jumped out at me and it would make me cry. I’m pretty sure I even had nightmares about it. Playing today and looking at those wolves I still get a reminder of that terror whenever they snap at me or run around a corner in the distance.

    The Yeti’s STILL terrify me!

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