The Day of Archaeology: Thoughts of an Aspiring Archaeologist

Today’s the Day of Archaeology and, despite my busy schedule, I couldn’t help getting involved in this exciting community blogging event. Here’s the short piece I wrote for the 2013 event:

“I often feel like I missed my true calling as an archaeologist. Despite being attracted to archaeology and ancient civilisations from an early age, I was dissuaded from a career in archaeology by teachers who warned me that there was no future in studying the past. It’s too late to turn back the clock but I haven’t let this deter me from pursuing my passion, albeit alongside a full-time job and other commitments.

Much of my spare time is spent on reading books, blogs and articles on Chinese archaeology, ancient Egypt and Pre-Columbian civilizations or on writing new posts for my blog, The Archaeology of Tomb Raider, which looks at the artefacts, sites and cultures featured in the Tomb Raider video game series. Whilst Lara Croft’s exploits cannot be considered archaeology by any stretch of the imagination, I was surprised to find out that many Tomb Raider fans are actually interested in learning more about the historicity of the places and characters that appear in the games. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to combine my own personal interest in archaeology with my love of the Tomb Raider series and my passion for lifelong learning…and, thus, The Archaeology of Tomb Raider blog was born. Whoever said video games can’t be educational? 😉

I will be spend this year’s Day of Archaeology doing pretty much what I do every day: keeping up to date on the latest archaeological discoveries, sharing articles and educational resources on Twitter and Facebook, conducting background research for future blog posts (I’m currently reading up on Minoan art for an upcoming feature), working through a self-study course on Egyptian hieroglyphs, and networking with archaeologists and historians from around the world. Even though a career in archaeology will most likely remain an unfulfilled dream, it’s comforting to know that there are still many, many ways for me to fit archaeology into my life. I might not ever take part in a dig or discover some long-lost civilisation but with so much to learn and think about in my spare time, I can’t really complain.

Now, back to Minoan art…” (Original article)

What do Lara and I have in common? Neither of us are actually archaeologists (Image credit: Katie's Tomb Raider Screenshots)
What do Lara and I have in common? Neither of us are actually archaeologists (Image credit: Katie’s Tomb Raider Screenshots)

Be sure to check out the other fantastic blog posts and find out how diverse the field of archaeology really is. You can follow the day’s events via the Day of Archaeology’s Twitter account (@dayofarch) or Facebook page. Don’t miss it!

UPDATE: I did finally get around to writing that blog post about Minoan art! See my article Arte-Factual: Minoan Dolphin Fresco.

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  1. … I’m sorry you couldn’t persue a carrier in archaeology ( I know what it feels like to have your dreams thrown to the ground) but I’m glad that today you still kept your love for archaeology alive despite your other responsibilities!!

    1. Thanks. I imagine I’m in a similar position to many archaeology graduates, seeing how limited jobs in archaeology and heritage are these days. It must be equally frustrating to spend 3 or 4 years of your life studying archaeology only to end up taking an office or call centre job whilst waiting for that dream job….

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