The Day of Archaeology

Those of you on Twitter may have already heard about the Day of Archaeology. But for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, the Day of Archaeology is a communal blogging project which aims to give the public a better insight into the daily lives of archaeologists and heritage workers around the world.

Once a year, archaeologists and archaeology students are invited to write about their exploits in the field, workplace or classroom to show that there’s more to archaeology than just digging and ancient tombs.

The Day of Archaeology: A day in the life of archaeologists (Photo credit: The Day of Archaeology)
The Day of Archaeology: A day in the life of archaeologists (Photo credit: The Day of Archaeology)

The Day of Archaeology 2013 will be held on Friday 26th July and its organisers are inviting “anyone with a personal, professional or voluntary interest in archaeology to get involved, and help show the world why archaeology is vital to protect the past and inform our futures”.

Over 300 archaeologists and students took part in last year’s event and wrote about a wide variety of subjects, including conservation, maritime archaeology, excavation, environmental archaeology, film making, education, and digital archaeology, proof that archaeology is a broader and more exciting field of study than some may think.

Information about the history and background of this project and how you can get involved in this annual event can all be found on the Day of Archaeology website. You can also follow the Day of Archaeology on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and developments.

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