Which Tomb Raider Location Would You Explore in Real Life?

Here’s a fun question for you to ponder: Which Tomb Raider location would you visit if you had the money, time, and means to explore any of the places that appear in any of the Tomb Raider games, films, or comics?

Would you visit the picturesque temples of Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm in Cambodia? Would you explore the frozen expanses of remote Antarctica or Jan Mayen? Would you wander through the urban wildernesses of London, Paris, or Tokyo? Would you take a leisurely stroll along the Great Wall of China? Or would you opt for a more active holiday, perhaps a spot of mountain climbing in Peru or kayaking in the South Pacific?

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft at Ta Prohm temple (Image credit: Cambodge-Voyages)
Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft at Ta Prohm temple. Image credit: Cambodge-Voyages.

You can learn more about the places Lara Croft has visited over the years by checking out any of the articles listed under “Lara’s Travels”. Alternatively, you can read about these 5 fans who followed in Lara Croft’s footsteps and visited a Tomb Raider location or two in their own real-world adventures.

Need some inspiration? Then check out TheGamer’s special feature on how the Tomb Raider franchise inspired some fans to visit places they may never have considered. I was one of the fans interviewed for the piece and I talked about the time I visited the real Trajan’s Market in Rome. This ancient Roman site was the setting for one of Lara’s adventures in the 2000 game Tomb Raider Chronicles and one of the Italian capital’s hidden gems.

There’s a huge, wonderful world out there for you to explore with countless travel experiences there for the taking. Feel free to let us know what is on your Tomb Raider travel wish list by leaving a comment below!

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15 Comments on “Which Tomb Raider Location Would You Explore in Real Life?”

  1. I’ve always wanted to see the Valley of the Kings, but to be honest, I’d love to visit almost any of the locations Lara has–except maybe the offshore oil rig, shark infested waters, collapsed subway tunnels and Parisian dumpsters. 😉

    1. Same here. I’ve visited a few of the sites, including the Great Wall, where the biggest dangers to your health and sanity are the huge crowds of fellow tourists. Angkor is very high on my list of places I’d love to explore but I’d also like to visit Tibet, Peru and Mexico at some point. Sadly, I lack Lara’s funds so this might take a while.. 😉

  2. For me it eould have to be St. Francis Folly… I wonder if such a place like that actually exists, carved out of bedrock under an ancient monestary…. Fascinating !!!!

    1. Both very good choices, though I used to hate it when the Atlanteans used to jump out at me when I played TR1. Not sure I’d want that to happen to me in real life.. 🙂

  3. Definitely India. Because of Tomb Raider III, I became fascinated with Hindu and Buddhist ruins, the jungle atmosphere, the culture… It’s by far my favorite place in the world.

  4. Probably Peru, it’s not the most majestic or beautiful place that Lara has visited, but there’s something about that place that just seems so… humble. They are grand structures, but simple; it doesn’t overdo it. It has it’s own way of exuding dignity. Something like that.

    Just felt like a rare, tranquil place to be.

  5. I would love to visit Tibet from TR2. Snow levels in games are always my favourite anyway but when you have an ancient monastery filled with culture and artifacts I just can’t say no! Also an ancient tomb underground with a bird monster, AND snow mobiles? Count me in!

  6. The Cradle of Life. The film version is bonkers, but there is a valley somewhere in Africa where the earliest human remains were found that was dubbed ‘the cradle of life’, or humanity, I forget which. Its location is kept secret, but I think it would be a really cool place to check out.

  7. India, because I have family roots there, Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me so I’d like to visit there (Valley of the Kings especially), and Venice, purely because it’s my favourite TR level 😀